For high-performance individuals looking for fast-track solutions in the areas of relationships, health, wealth, business and leadership.  The Advanced Curriculum includes 23 programs ranging from three-days to week-long vacation-seminars conducted in some of the world’s most spectacular resorts and retreats.

Email, phone and one-on-one coaching are also available...

The Goldzone Experience

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The Goldzone Experience is a high-impact 3-day training program that explores the connection between our personal and professional lives and answers the question of how to integrate ourselves as a whole person to achieve work/life balance.  With the pace of change rapidly increasing, the world is becoming more and more stressful.

How we cope with change and stress has a huge impact on our quality of life and our work performance.  Eventually, stress in one primary area of life will impact our performance in all areas. Over the course of three days, the Seven Most Vital Areas of life/work are explored and the interconnection between them clearly articulated.

The Goldzone Experience combines a proven model of human behavior, a system to optimize performance with revolutionary delivery, teaching and coaching methods to give you a breakthrough in your business and personal life.

The program is exciting, motivational and stimulating, emphasizing the ability to think "outside the box," to learn by experience, and to recognize what works and what doesn't in business and relationships.  Gaps in results are identified and new tools, strategies and methods are learned to bridge these gaps in the shortest time possible.

In order to infuse our companies, organizations and professions with passion and aliveness we must become more passionate, alive and balanced ourselves.  The Goldzone Experience is fun, entertaining, memorable, fast and leading edge.

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33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership

The simple yet powerful concepts contained in the 33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership serve as a guide to transition from Command and Control style Leadership to a new paradigm that includes all previous as well as the new possibilities of Partnership, Cooperation and Team.

Research indicates that personal leadership and effectiveness of New-Paradigm Leadership can be as much as 8 times as effective. That's 800%. Imagine the possibilities...

The program is conducted via Skype audio conference in six sessions over three months. Each session focuses on 5-8 Steps, the concepts, implementation and follow up from previous sessions.

Conducted on alternate Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 10:00pm SST (Singapore Standard Time) the program is flexible in that if you miss one or two sessions you can review the missed session's audio recording and participate in additional sessions from the next series (this program is conducted three times per year).

Limited to just 25 Participants the sessions are interactive, personalized and informative.

The best type of power one can have is Personal Power... this program includes the foundational and advanced steps to enhance and direct your ultimate Personal Power!

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Goldzone Relationship

There is a direct correlation between a persons level of happiness, success, financial prosperity, overall wellbeing and their primary relationship.

And one's primary relationship influences and often sets the tone for all other relationships in life... at work, partners, friends, clients etc.  IT ALSO DETERMINES HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE FINANCIALLY.

Most people have a very difficult time admitting that there is even a problem - and certainly haven't gone to anyone for support.  Many of us are lacking inspiring role models of successful relationships - and rely on the examples of our parents and other family members.  Often when we compare our relationship to that of our parents we feel lucky and in many ways better off (or our relationship is exactly the same as theirs)... However, this does not mean that we are realizing our full potential in this area - and with a little training, coaching and support - can enjoy a true partnership where both parties are totally fulfilled and any issues can be quickly and easily resolved.

The Goldzone Relationship Curriculum includes two programs:

  • Relationship Weekend is a three-day program about getting from where you are now - to where you want to be in an ideal scene.  We look in-depth at what an ideal relationship looks like and what this will take.  The sessions are designed to give you information, tools and strategies to create what you want - and education to describe how you created your relationships to be the way they are, who your role models have been, your unconscious behaviors, your money patterns, your buttons and triggers, communications etc.

    More than just theory, you will learn how to resolve upsets quickly and easily, how to align and reach agreement around money, investments and expenses, and most important you will be immersed in the experience... And wont forget it!


  • Relationship Week is a week long experience conducted annually on one of the most pristine and beautiful tropical islands - an ideal vacation-seminar - where a rich, visceral, sensory vacation is combined with an extraordinary seminar experience.  The seminar component is seamlessly integrated to provide you with rest, renewal, increased relationship and communication skills, knowledge, understanding and an unforgettable experience. 

    You will experience the islands as few tourists do, in an atmosphere of extraordinary tranquility, healing and regeneration.  It will deepen your knowledge and understanding, yet provide plenty of vacation/playtime.

    Most couples occasionally experience connected sex and very rarely sacred sexuality.  This vacation-seminar is about bringing all three levels into your every day life on an ongoing basis.  Love results from specific decisions made and actions taken by individuals in a relationship.  Love matures when individuals mature emotionally and spiritually.  In this seminar you will learn the decisions that you need to make and the actions that you need to take to energize your relationship with passionate love and to move your relationship to where you want it to be.

    The ultimate goal of this vacation-seminar is to fully know and apply the universal principles of Love, Romance, Connection and Partnership to your everyday life, and to re-experience, and re-infuse your relationship with Lifeforce, vitality, joy and intimacy... and in order to do that... it means getting away from your "regular" life... to a venue and experience, where you can literally touch, see, feel and be a part of the extraordinary where the cares of the world are a distant memory...


Goldzone Health

Your quality of life is in direct proportion to your mental, physical and emotional health. Most people don't pay attention to health and take it for granted… until a major crisis or breakdown occurs.  In modern living one of the biggest challenges is constant stress.

There is a direct relationship between your mind, body and emotions.  Understanding this relationship allows you to improve productivity, alertness, coordination, balance, reaction times, harmony and self-confidence.  Optimum health is more than a state of wellness; it is being fully alive, vital and balanced.  Taking control of your life involves proactive action in each key area of your health.

  • Goldzone Health Week is about spending seven days and nights in a serene, vibrant, abundant and calming environment to rest, relax, rejuvenate while learning about the connection between your spirit, mind, body, emotions and physical health. The seminar component is seamlessly integrated to provide you with rest, renewal, increased knowledge, understanding, health skills and an unforgettable experience.

    You will experience Optimum Health as few people do, in an atmosphere of extraordinary tranquility, healing and regeneration.  It will deepen your knowledge and understanding, yet provide plenty of vacation/playtime


Goldzone Wealth

Our financial paradigms are made up of experiences, plus beliefs, attitudes and mindsets as well as well-formed habits.  Unfortunately, most of our beliefs are invisible and we have them without consciously choosing them.  This means that our financial paradigm – the most critical part of our financial psyche – can't be changed without exposing and examining these beliefs. 

Our paradigm determines what we see, and what we don't see.  Opportunity may be right in front of us – however, if it doesn't match our primary paradigm, we are not going to see it.  It also determines what is possible for us financially.  We have pre-determined limits on how much money we can make, have, spend and keep. 

  • Goldzone Wealth Weekend is a three-day experience that is carefully constructed to expose our primary financial paradigm so that we can identify the core beliefs that are holding our current financial reality in place – so that we can change our beliefs, shift our rules and move into the DREAM PARADIGM.

    If you review the Optima Zones of Wealth, you will note that our definition of wealth is way beyond the trappings of success… income generating assets, fancy cars, big houses and loads of cash.  What good is financial abundance if one has no time to enjoy it, no energy and ones relationships are bankrupt?  Most people believe in their core feelings that you cannot have it all and that you have to sacrifice something in order to obtain wealth and all its trappings.  This is absolutely not true.  You can have it all.  And you can have it sooner than you realize… by learning about and mastering the universal principles of Goldzone Wealth!

    Most people who complete the Wealth Weekend experience profound realizations, ah ha's and cognitions.  Huge amounts of trapped Lifeforce are liberated… resulting in a feeling of lightness, joy, enthusiasm and total financial certainty.


Optima Program

The Optima Program is one of the most advanced and comprehensive personal development systems available in the world today.  It is a formal system of Lifeforce Recovery and Enhancement that is comprised of a series of modules. This is the fastest and most direct route to identify and recover areas where your Lifeforce is trapped and you are living at less than optimum.  The Program includes ongoing methods of enhancing your Lifeforce and improving your quality of life in all areas.

The system is comprised of fifteen standard Modules that are put together into a customized, three-day intensive session or sessions.  The combination is unique to the individual depending on your situation.  The system includes pre-session e-mail/phone coaching, post-session implementation support and coaching, plus integration time.  The number of sessions required to graduate from the Optima Program varies from individual to individual.  Several of the Modules may require more than one session in order to complete that piece.  For example, if a person has had long-term financial difficulties, they may require up to five sessions in this area alone.

Optima Program Modules


Optima Zones Analysis/Context


Present Time Problems/Solutions


Failed Goals & Paradigm Crash Recovery


Plots, Games & Identities


Relationships, Partnership & Team


Sexual Clean Slate


Financial Clean Slate


Partnership Finances


Self Expression & Communication


Career, Knowledge & Mastery


Health & Longevity


Dynamic Vision & Alignment


Business Leadership


Personal Leadership & Sovereignty



Each three-day session is conducted in a resort environment either one-on-one or as part of a small group.  The process is intimate, interactive and experiential.  The three days are a unique journey utilizing music, movement, exercises and dynamic enquiry to identify and release areas of trapped Lifeforce including non-optimum situations, limiting belief systems, upsets, and unsolvable problems.

If you are looking for a breakthrough in your results in a specific area or you know that you have trapped Lifeforce and you are willing to do whatever it takes (legal, ethical and moral) to improve your life...  If you are finding that no matter how many books you read, or seminars you attend - you just don't seem to be able to get the results you want... If you are tired of cookie cutter trainings or large impersonal seminars or ineffective coaching - then an Optima Program can help you!